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28 DAY 

We help people get Lean, 
Fit and Strong in 28 Days and stay in shape for life 

In the next 28 days we'll give you all the tools you need to transform your Body, Fitness & Life

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FREE Phone Consultation:

Welcome To Club One Hundred

We are the number one gym in 
Leigh-On-Sea that specialises in putting the 'Personal' in Training - Every single one of our members get their very own specific Workout program, a bespoke Nutrition plan and dedicated Accountability Coach.

It's this triple pillared approach that has enabled us to get life changing results with 1000's of local people just like you.

At our gym you're not just a number and don't get lost in the crowd of thousands of people, we cap our membership at 100 people - hence our name...

This enables us to work closely with every single member meaning each one gets the close care and attention to their goals they deserve.

So if you've tried all the traditional gyms, the boring diets, you couldn't get results or you found that you've lost motivation because you were left on your own then our 28 Day Challenge is for you.

It Doesn't Matter If:

  • You're a complete newbie 
  • You have a lot of weight to lose
  • ​You have injuries
  • ​You're not a 'gym person'
  • ​You've tried every gym or diet with no results
  • ​You have a busy life
  • ​You have lost motivation
  • ​You just want to get in a new routine

This 28 Day Challenge works for everyone and we mean everyone!

But don't just take our word for it, check out some of our amazing transformations below...

Every single one of these people completed our 28 Day Challenge:

To be our next transformation and drop up to 28lbs, PLUS Look & Feel great - Simply click the GREEN button below to book your free phone consultation:

What to expect on your 28 Day Challenge

If you're still here reading this then you must want more information, so here goes...

If you want to really make a change to your fitness, body shape, weight loss and strength in the next 28 days then this is the program for you, but your first thing to do is to click the green button below to book your free phone consultation.

On this call we'll discuss your goals and how this program can help you hit them in the next 28 days.

If you're a good fit then we'll get you booked in with your accountability coach.

Throughout your whole 28 day challenge your accountability coach will be there with you every step, you see it's not exercise and nutrition alone that gets you amazing results it's having your own coach to keep you accountable.

Over the last 13 years and coaching thousands of people we have learnt the best and quickest way to change our clients body shapes through a balance of exercise, nutrition and accountability. ..

You'll attend fun workouts at our state of the art studio in Leigh-on-sea, these workouts are designed to get maximum results in a fun, energetic environment - whatever your current fitness levels, age or ability.

We'll provide you with your very own bespoke nutrition plan of tasty, quick to make meals that'll have you burning fat outside of your training.

And lastly as mentioned you'll get your own personal accountability coach, it's this persons role to maximise your potential and help you hit your goals, you'll be amazed at what you can do with little bit of help from us.

This 3 pillar combination has helped us get amazing results with thousands of people from Leigh-on-Sea (and beyond), people just like you...

But this all begins with you clicking that green button below, so book your consultation with us now...the physique and fitness you have been dreaming of is only 28 days away:

We are here:

Email us at - info@clubonehundred.com

Visit us at - 43-45 Rectory Grove,
 SS9 2HA

Club One Hundred Ltd